Your Talent Acquisition Platform

Leadline is the simple productivity platform for all your hiring needs.


Your Talent Acquisition Platform

The simple, self-service productivity app for all your hiring needs.


Your Recruiting Process, Modernized.

Leadline is your one-stop-shop for all your talent acquisition needs—source talent across multiple advertising channels, engage candidates throughout every step of the hiring process, and measure the outcomes to realize material cost savings for your business.​

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Accelerate your time to hire.​

On average, recruiters waste more than 14 hours a week manually completing tasks that could be automated. Recruiters who use integrated technology solutions to automate the hiring process achieve higher rates of productivity and job satisfaction.​

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Decrease your cost per hire.

Building your own in-house Talent Portfolio is an excellent opportunity and competitive edge for recruiters and hiring managers to fuel their recruitment pipeline with high-quality, pre-vetted candidates—without spending more money to acquire the same applicants.​

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Increase Your Profitability

High-performing hiring and recruiting teams need to know where and how they spend most of their time and resources in finding the right candidates, so they can consistently optimize and deliver an ROI that positively impacts the business, candidate and stakeholder ecosystem.​

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Improve Your Company Culture

One in two recruiters would leave their current role for better technology. Recruiters who have the tools they need to automate administrative tasks and facilitate a higher engagement with the right candidates report greater job satisfaction overall and are more likely to stay and grow the business.​

The Ultimate Platform that Solves Your Recruiting Problems

Attract the most qualified candidates with ease and streamline every step of your recruiting process. Best of all—take back your time and grow your business faster while you save on costs.


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Recruiters say their biggest challenge is attracting quality candidates

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Candidates apply for jobs they're not qualified for

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Recruiters spend up to 75% of time on repetitive low value-add tasks with premium-priced inefficient solutions

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Recruiters say the best way to boost hiring performance is with the right powerful tech stack

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