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Platform Release Notes - v1.2.3

Leadline is happy to announce release version 1.2.3 is available to the public! The details on new features can be found below:

Improvements to Position Creation & Management

We have made it easier for you to publish Positions in Leadline by introducing a handful of improvements to the header navigation bar:

  • Status icons are introduced to indicate whether or not you have completed the prerequisites for publishing a Position. Hover over each item for a tooltip to complete the pre-requisite.
  • When you make changes to a published Position, a ‘Draft’ notice will appear alerting you that the latest changes have not been published, with options to either promote the changes or discard the changes.

Additional Position Data

Leadline now allows you to define the location, compensation, and job type for each Position as part of each Position Settings page, to more easily organize and filter your Positions.

  • The Position Settings Page is more cleanly laid out, with tooltips to be more visually intuitive.
  • When defined, these fields are automatically inserted into the corresponding Job Posting fields as part of our Job Postings API integration with eQuest to save you time from duplicative data entry.
  • You can now specify and separate Meeting Organizers (Users involved in the interview process for the Position) from Assigned Recruiters (Users responsible for reviewing Candidate submissions for the Position). Some Recruiters might find this of interest if a Hiring Manager insists on hosting interview calls, but expects the Recruiter to do a preliminary review of the Candidate submission.

Company Website Widget

You can now advertise your open positions in real-time on your website using the Leadline Website Widget.

  • Easily embed the HTML onto your Careers page, and your list of open published Positions in Leadline will always be in sync with what is on your website. Website visitors can filter Positions by Search keywords, location, and job type.
  • If you are interested in deploying the widget on your website, contact the Leadline support team to help you set it up!

Multi-Language Translation Support

Leadline can automatically translate Landing Pages and Questionnaires to cater to non-English speaking applicants.

  • We now support integrations with Amazon and Google’s Translate API to convert English text into a target language.
  • Target languages supported include Spanish, French, German, and others!

Questionnaire Library

We have introduced a library of 25 templated questions grouped by requirement categories for you to more easily build your Questionnaires.

  • By default, all newly created Positions will support a single Question (resume capture) - you get the flexibility to add more questions based on your requirements and desired Candidate experience.
  • If you don’t wish to use a question from the library, you can still create a custom question.
  • We have also introduced support for multiple-choice questions, where a Candidate can provide more than one answer in their response.
  • You can create question ‘sections’ to further personalize the Candidate screening experience based on your branding and requirements.

To sum it up–we're excited to share these new features with you so we can improve your recruiting process, source more candidates, and qualify applicants in real-time to ensure you can hire the best fit talent for your business.

Do you have a feature request you'd like us to consider for an upcoming release? Let us know!

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