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New Automated Suite of Recruiting Tools


The reality of today’s labor market means the pressure is on to find more top candidates faster than ever.

You bring tremendous value to your candidates and clients. Your work is personal, purposeful, and meaningful. But—your job has become more stressful and administrative—making it much harder to scale:

73% of recruiters say it’s harder to find top qualified candidates this year

75% Recruiters spend up to 75% on repetitive, low-value-add tasks

62% of recruiters say they don’t have the cost-efficient tools they need to be successful

We know your challenges. So we’ve designed the best solution. Introducing Leadline—the first, right-sized, intuitive technology platform built for recruiters by recruiters. A suite of powerful, automated DIY modules—now you can attract top qualified candidates faster and streamline every step of your recruiting process.

Best of all—take back your time and grow your business faster with 40% or more savings on your recruiting technology.

Free Guide: The New Solution to Easily Attract Top Talent Beyond Job Boards

May 1, 2023

Simplify your recruitment process and get quality candidates with our inbound lead generation strategy. Start generating quality inbound candidate leads today!

The Value of Owning Your Talent Acquisition Data

March 13, 2023

Leadline is the candidate lead generation tool you need to source and control the data you need to make timely, informed decisions.

Fall in Love with Automation Tools

February 14, 2023

You know that feeling when you learn something new, and it materially improves your day-to-day working cycle? Whether it’s a huge breakthrough or something simple that gives you back 30 minutes in your day-it allows you to feel accomplished, less stressed, and as an employee; more satisfied with your job. We built Leadline with the…

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