Build a Talent Portfolio

Search and Filter across all your applicants to easily identify best-fit Candidates. Non-hired applicant responses are saved for future use or passive recruitment efforts.


Who was that person we interviewed that we almost hired, but ended up going with another candidate?

— Too many people.

Build Your Own Talent Portfolio

Get your jobs in front of top talent effectively – and affordably. Publish your Position to as many channels as you’d like using our connections to popular job boards, or using your existing job board accounts. Post advertisements on social media or through physical advertisements - all applicants get funneled to your talent portfolio in Leadline regardless of where or how they find you.

Stand-out among your competitors with custom-branded Landing Pages and Messaging. Save Templates for quick and easy re-use without compromising corporate branding or styling guidelines.

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Easy-to-design functionality, mobile-friendy and responsive campaigns on one ultimate DIY recruiting technology platform.