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Want to know the secret of recruitment marketing?

Want to know the secret to good recruitment marketing? Let me give you a hint: It’s not putting your job opportunities out on every job board available. Not only can that get very expensive, very fast—it can also give you a lot of dead leads. You’ll have a full inbox of mismatches and this goes both ways for you and your prospective candidates.

You’re probably asking yourself, “How do I find the right people?” The answer is simpler than you might think: Let them come to you. Inbound lead generation is the secret sauce to finding your top talent.

Here’s how Leadline helps you do that.

Quality candidate data has a good shelf life.

Engaging with your candidates frequently is vital to extending the shelf life of that data.

Make decisions on your terms and your own time.

When you own your data, you can do things in your timeframe and not the job board's timeframe.

Collect the data you want from your candidates.

When you control the candidate experience, you control the data you are sourcing.

Have complete control over your candidate data.

When you are in control, you can now decide who gets access to what data is within your control.


Whether you're advertising your jobs on print or online, Leadline gives you the tools to make your company stand out.

Candidate information is undeniably the most crucial data in recruiting; however, owning and controlling your data can have less-obvious benefits as well. Consequently, understanding the costs of acquiring that data is essential in order to avoid unnecessary expenses in your recruiting strategy.

The cost and impact of acquiring candidate data using job boards.

  • Cost-per-click (CPC)

    The cost-per-click job posting model, although popular, can sometimes attract unqualified candidates. This, in turn, leads to a high volume of applications that can be quite time-consuming to screen.

  • Cost-per-Applicant (CPA)

    In light of recent changes in the cost-per-click model, it is important to note that these alterations can lead to a higher cost-per-applicant, potentially ranging from $20 to $50, all while yielding uncertain results.

  • Pay per Placement

    Drawing a parallel to a sponsored ad, this approach can indeed be helpful in getting your listing in front of more people. However, it can also be quite costly, and you may not ultimately end up with the results you desire.


How can Leadline help fix these issues?

Upon creating a job posting with Leadline, it is worth noting that every applicant remains in your own database, or as we call it, your Talent Portfolio and the data is yours to keep.

Consider the scenario where you have ten candidates; this number remains significant even if only one of those candidates becomes a hire for that urgent role. Those other nine candidates still have value. In fact, they might even be next in line if that new hire doesn't work out, a similar position becomes available, or another individual no longer works for your company.

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At Leadline, we firmly believe in empowering our customers to own their candidate data. With this in mind, we created Leadline to make it easy for recruiters and talent professionals to organically create a relevant database of information, ultimately ensuring the success of your talent acquisition efforts.

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